The "Greater" in Greater Change

Well - here goes another first... the blog is online, and I'm sitting down to write my first post - excited to be sharing with you from here on the ground in Northern Iraq. I am amazed at what God has already done in this community we're serving in, and am excited to see what lies ahead.  

I figured a great way to kick off the blog is to tell you about our name. The second word is obvious... change.  We want to see change - authentic transformation of a community that desperately needs it. Improved health, better economy, better environment, happier people. 

But what about the first part? "Greater"...

What is a better way to bring about change than through the love of Jesus? I have been here now for 2 years. The picture in my mind is of a mother, with one child clinging to her leg while another latches onto her breast... with a heartbroken look on her face. From the moment she gets up in the morning to the moment when she lays her tired body on her tent floor she is seeking a way to a better life.  But like the Samaritan woman at the well she is looking for a better life here, not realizing her emptiness is a longing for her Maker.

I know pain. I know scars. I also know nightmares. And on that level I can connect with them. But ultimately who took the pain, the scars and the nightmares away from me?  It was my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.