How We Serve 


The community center in the Yezidi displaced person's camp in Northern Iraq/Kurdistan is our big project this year. We are so excited for the team we have in place serving these people. 

Here is an overview of what we are running in the center:

  • Child Friendly Spaces - we have created "safe spaces" for children in the camp to come to be themselves, to create, draw, read, and imagine, and also allows us to help them learn good behavior and receive some out-of-the-classroom tutoring. 
  • English for Adults & Youth - very popular classes as many people ultimately would love to be able to travel, and English is the language of travel and business. 
  • Arabic - Many of the IDPs are Kurdish, and are from rural areas so have only learned how to speak Kurdish. Arabic allows them to seek economic and educational opportunities in the region and hopefully be able to better provide for their families. 
  • Library - Books help the kids in the camp to be aware of the outside world and continue to dream big and achieve their goals.
  • Photography - A personal passion of the founder's, this class allows people to overcome their own feelings of isolation and trauma, finding value in themselves, their families, their community, and telling stories through photos. 
  • Art Therapy for Children - Allows children to express their grief and trauma in safe and productive ways, with the goal of getting them to shift towards renewal in their expression. 
  • Pregnancy Wellbeing - Pregnant women, and those who are responsible for caring for pregnant women, often do not have basic understanding of safe pregnancy practices. This class focuses on improving their health, and the health of their babies. We had a guard's sister die giving birth and so this hits close to home.  
  • Salon - Ladies learn and socialize doing hair. The goal is to help them develop skills so they could ultimately start their own salon. 
  • Men & Women's Volleyball - Just a fun experience, but what people don't always realize is that this can really help women overcome stigma and improve their own confidence, and allows men to get out and get some of their pent up aggression out that sometimes can be built up in a camp with not much to do.